MagnifAI 5.0: Harnessing Generative AI for your Testing Journey

Your product only has one chance to make a good first impression.

Get it right by testing smarter, not harder.

Leverage AI to face the challenges
of a visual world



What is

visual testing?

It is the quality assurance process that validates that an application under development appears to the end-user as it was visually intended.

Why is it important?​

It helps prevent the customer from having a negative user experience by identifying visual inconsistencies in a product’s user interface.

Faster, Better.

product quality

Detect visual bugs faster than with your human eyes. Avoid errors that could drive your customers away or damage your brand's reputation!

Reduce time
and costs

Test faster and more frequently! By reducing the time needed to catch bugs we help you lower your costs and reduce time-to-market.

Enhance testing capabilities

Take visual testing to a new level! Expand test automation coverage in scenarios that traditionally fell under manual testing and perform visual validations without needing access to any code.

Improve the

testing experience

Test what really matters

AI helps testers leave behind repetitive tasks that can be automated and concentrate on more valuable tasks.

Making testing available to everyone

Our easy-to-use GUI expands visual testing to non-technical roles, allowing them to run tests instantly without writing a single line of code.

A complement to your testing strategy

We help you leverage your existing testing stack! MagnifAI acts as a complement to traditional automation frameworks so you can improve your testing process.

Ready to take visual testing to the next level?