MagnifAI 5.0: Harnessing Generative AI for your Testing Journey

Testing AI-Enhanced

Take the pain out of visual testing. Manual tests can be expensive, time-consuming, and riddled with errors. Our UI provides all the benefits of computer vision with a friendly interface.


Image search

Check if a specific element is present within an image.

Locate elements within an image

Determine the relative position of two components inside an image.


Validate the similarity between images to identify even the smallest differences in an automated way.

Easy implementation through Plug-n-play

MagnifAI can be invoked with an API call using any REST Client for a basic implementation. But the real power of our product is its ability to complement into any automation framework. Whether you’re testing a mobile, desktop, or web app, if your automation framework can call an API, MagnifAI will do its job.

Make your first impression a GREAT ONE