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Speed up your software development life cycle by transforming time consuming QA tasks into automated processes. Detect errors in your digital products faster, without compromising on quality.

Teams using MagnifAI take their
software quality assurance from weeks to minutes

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Meet MagnifAI

Unleash the power of AI
in software testing


Speed up your
visual testing

Spot differences in designs and final outputs like a pro. Validate layouts, components, development environments, and even use Figma designs as parameters in your tests to ensure visual consistency.

Improve test generation
and execution

Transform requirements into test cases and automation code using LLMs. Engage in dialogue with project documents to evolve test plans, refine requirements, and streamline your development process.

Boost your business efficiency
with test automation

MagnifAI takes your data security to the next level, adding an extra layer of protection around your sensitive information, like testing plans and project documents. Your peace of mind is our top priority!

By enabling the upload of project-specific documents, MagnifAI delivers context-rich results that are aligned with the unique demands of each project. It’s like it speaks your project’s language!

Reduce costs by identifying and fixing errors early in development, tackling even those tests considered too complex for traditional automation frameworks.

MagnifAI boosts your testing strategy by integrating into your development ecosystem, including automation frameworks and test management tools. It’s the perfect companion to elevate your testing game!

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MagnifAI Assistant: Bringing quality back to the conversation

From basic queries to complex problem-solving, our intelligent conversational interface is here to improve your journey through our platform to boost your efficiency.


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