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Globant's AI-companion
for your testing journey

Streamline quality assurance processes. Deliver a digital experience to your users faster, without compromising quality.

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Unleash the power of AI
for software testing at every stage 
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Meet MagnifAI

Unleash the power of AI
in software testing

Speed up your
visual testing

Identify visual differences in designs and final outputs. Validate layouts, components, and development environments.

Say goodbye to time-consuming tasks as we accelerate

quality assurance from

weeks to minutes

Improve test generation
and execution

With Generative AI, we leverage LLMs to transform requirements into test cases and automation code snippets.

Achieve a faster time to market and boost productivity by

reducing 56%

the task completion time

Say goodbye to spending hours and hours on tedious work.

With Generative AI and Computer Vision at its core, our AI Companion for quality assurance takes care of repetitive tasks for you, helping you unlock a new level of efficiency.

Smarter, Faster, Better.

Increase productivity

What if your team could focus on high-value tasks instead of spending weeks on tedious testing? By automating repetitive testing tasks, we empower your team to do just that.

Ship faster

In the race to capture market opportunities, speed is the name of the game. MagnifAI helps you outpace the competition by accelerating your time to market.

Boost quality

Your brand’s reputation is only as good as your product’s quality. With MagnifAI you can ensure that your product exceeds your customers’ expectations, helping you boost customer loyalty.

Improve the
testing experience

Maximize coverage, minimize time

With our AI-powered solution, you can leverage generative AI algorithms to effortlessly create comprehensive test cases that maximize coverage and minimize testing time.

Boost team capabilities

Increase the level of complexity of what your teams can do. Our user-friendly interface allows non-technical roles to run tests without writing a single line of code.

We believe the future belongs to businesses embracing AI
discover what's at stake for late adopters and why
AI is the key to developing high-quality digital products.

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