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Our story begins
in the Quality Engineering
Studio at Globant.

Globant’s experience as the trusted quality partner of the most dynamic technology companies for over 15 years, made us think there had to be a way to improve and simplify quality assurance even in the most complex visual scenarios.

We believed there had to be a way to test smarter, not harder, so a digital product could offer the best visual experience possible.
MagnifAI was born out of this belief.

We believe the future belongs to businesses embracing AI
discover what's at stake for late adopters and why
AI is the key to developing high-quality digital products.

We aim to build a bridge between state-of-the-art AI and Quality Assurance strategies, to simplify testing processes while enabling teams to deliver higher quality products on time.

Our Team

We are a global team of creative, innovative and passionate people with a mission to help businesses bring their ideas to life, enabling them to create exceptional digital products.

Nahuel Franchi

Executive Director

Lucas Manoukian

Product Development Lead

Johanna Aravena

Marketing Manager

Leonardo Pace

Head of Technology

Federico Moreira

Tech Director

Our Advisory Team

Guibert Englebienne

Globant Co-Founder and Globant X President

Agustín Huerta

Globant SVP Studios

Alejandro Stornelli

Globant Quality
Engineering Studio

Let’s work together
to make your product
look its best!