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Artificial intelligence in quality assurance: from edge to must

AI isn't just the wave of the future; it's already here, and business leaders can no longer afford to view it as a nice-to-have.

Discover what's at stake for late adopters, and why AI is the key to develop high quality digital products.

In this report we will:

Explore how AI has evolved over the years

As companies adopt artificial intelligence more widely, the definition of what it is and where it can provide businesses with the most value keeps evolving.

Discuss why implementing AI isn’t the future -but the now

When it comes to AI, adopting a fast-follower strategy is not an option. Companies that fail to pursue AI impact at scale now risk being left behind.

Examine how AI can become a companion for the testing journey

Companies that use AI to simplify business processes that include repetitive tasks will be able to focus on strategic activities that require a human touch.

Embrace AI and stay ahead of the competition.

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