Discover the MagnifAI Assistant, our new conversational interface

Leverage our quality solution
to implement a shift left strategy

MagnifAI brings a shift left approach to your testing strategy to help you identify errors early in the development process and ensure the delivery of high quality digital products to your users. Say goodbye to weeks of QA tasks. With us, it only takes minutes.

Elevate your visual testing
to boost quality

Unleash the power of computer vision to detect even the tiniest visual differences between designs and final products. From validating layouts to inspecting visual components and development environments, our visual testing capabilities save you valuable time and prevent costly errors.

error detection

Using computer vision to validate visual elements, we help identify errors that can push away customers, without relying on human eye strain.

Boost product

We simplify quality assurance in complex visual testing scenarios, ensuring your product offers a visually perfect experience for customers.

creative QA

Use MagnifAI with Figma for faster validation of paddings, colors, and design elements. Free up your design team to focus on more important tasks.

Image search

Check if a specific element is present within an image.

Locate elements

Determine the relative position of two components inside an image.

Compare images

Validate the similarity between images.

Streamline your workflow
with Generative AI

Transform your requirements into code snippets and test cases effortlessly with our Generative AI-powered capabilities. Let MagnifAI take care of repetitive tasks, and make your software testing process more efficient than ever before.


Reduce the time your team spends on writing test cases or automation code by simply leveraging the power of LLMs.


Accelerate software development by eliminating possible bottlenecks throughout the development cycle.

Ensure consistency
across your codebase

Standardize test case structure to ensure consistency and improve code maintenance across your team's codebase.

Automation Code Creation

Input requirements and receive code snippets in the language of your choice.

Manual Test Case Creation

Easily transform requirements into manual test cases.

Meet the
MagnifAI Assistant

An intelligent conversational interface to enhance your testing experience and boost your efficiency

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AI integration Made Easy

MagnifAI seamlessly integrates into your existing development ecosystem, including CI/CD pipelines, version control systems, test management tools, automation frameworks, Jira, and Figma.

Plug & Play

Our platform integrates with your existing automation framework as long as it supports API calls. MagnifAI meets you where your teams are at.

Unlock the power of AI
for your testing strategy