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Introducing the
MagnifAI Assistant

An intelligent conversational interface to enhance your testing experience

From basic queries to complex problem-solving, the MagnifAI Assistant is here to improve your journey through our software testing platform!

this release

With the MagnifAI Assistant, you're never alone in your testing journey. As soon as you log in, our new conversational interface is ready and waiting to assist you. Forget about navigating through menus or searching for help, the answers are just a click away.

Tailored Settings

Enjoy a continuous conversation with our assistant while customizing settings according to your needs. Adjust its mood, designate it as an expert in a specific language or area, and more.

Customizable Standards

MagnifAI assistant features a rating system based to help you assess the quality of your tests and provide recommendations. Clients have the flexibility to customize this rating system based on their own best practices and standards.

Conversational Power

The MagnifAI Assistant helps you to dialogue with your code, requirements, and test cases. Whether it's discussing the evolution of your test plan or refining requirements, our assistant is your go-to companion.

Test Plan Enhancements

Elevate your testing strategy by engaging with our assistant. Solicit suggestions, discuss test cases, and improve both your test plan and code.

How it works

Interactively engage in a conversation with test scripts, code, documents, and business requirements. Our assistant is optimized to help you real-time with:

The use of MagnifAI 

Get instant support on queries related to the platform and streamline your experience.

Test Script Optimization

Assess your code versus a customizable rating system to make sure your scripts are aligned with your project’s standards .

How to based on testing documents & Clients’ practices information

Interact with your project test plans and code by uploading documents to MagnifAI's Knowledge Base. Enrich MagnifAI’s responses by uploading documents and have a more intelligent way to promote your standards.

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How can the MagnifAI
Assistant help you?

Efficiency Boost

Say goodbye to endless searches. Streamline your workflow by effortlessly navigating through our platform using natural language queries.

Enhanced User Experience

Improve your user experience with an interface that understands and adapts to you.

Innovative Problem-Solving

Discover a new way to navigate and explore our platform and tackle challenges with a fresh perspective.

the power of AI

for your business

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The MagnifAI Assistant is a great way to improve your QA strategy and get answers about our platform or a specific client quickly, easily, and reliably. Interactively engage in a conversation with your code, documents, and business requirements. Use custom rating systems to evaluate and improve the quality and compliance of your deliverables. Boost your testing strategy by brainstorming ideas with our expert profiles.

No, it doesn’t. The MagnifAI Assistant will be available for all plans. Want to know more or book a demo? Reach out at