Test smarter,not harder

Online Event · November 16th / 11 am - 12 pm (ET)

Visual Testing in a World
of Immersive Experiences

Join founder of TestGuild Joe Colantonio and a panel of experts as they discuss the challenges of Quality Engineering in a world where interfaces are becoming increasingly complex; and deep dive into how automated visual testing helps to develop high-quality experiences.

Virtual worlds, NFTs, and immersive video games are already here. Several tech, gaming, retail, media and entertainment, finance, banking and consumer goods companies have started exploring the potential of immersive experiences. Taking care of visual details and creating an amazing user experience in this new paradigm requires a smarter QA process.

By attending this event, business leaders and QA teams will get insights into highly relevant topics, including:

  • How MagnifAI optimizes the visual testing process for great first impressions
  • Challenges and the role of QE in a world of immersive experiences
  • MagnifAI’s vision and next steps for the future of visual testing

Plus, try out MagnifAI and see how it improves the overall visual testing process!


11:OO am


11:O5 am

MagnifAI: the insurance policy for product quality


11:25 am

Quality Engineering in the light of immersive experiences


11:40 am

MagnifAI Showcase

11:55 am




Leonardo Pace

Quality Engineering

Technical Director at MagnifAI

Camren Ada Daly

Breaking The Metaverse:

Testing Virtual Worlds

Lucas Manoukian

Product Lead at MagnifAI

Tomás Romero

Quality Engineering

Technical Director at

Globant - Gaming projects

Test smarter,
not harder