Introducing MagnifAI 5.0

The first AI companion for your testing journey

Leverage Generative AI to further streamline the testing process! With our latest release, you can now use LLMs to transform requirements into both test cases and automation code snippets.

this release

Say goodbye to spending hours and hours on tedious work. Let our AI Companion for quality assurance take care of repetitive tasks for you, and unlock a new level of efficiency.

Save time

By using Generative AI to transform requirements into manual test cases or automation code snippets, your team can reduce the time spent on writing test cases.


Accelerate software development by eliminating possible bottlenecks throughout the development cycle.

test structure

Generate test cases with a standardized structure, ensuring consistency across your team's codebase and improving code maintenance.

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How we supercharge your QA process

Simplify Automation
Code Creation

Let Generative AI assist you in the development of automation scripts. Input requirements, receive code snippets in the language of your choice, and save time in automation code creation.

Streamline Manual
Test Case Creation

Harness the power of Generative AI to easily transform requirements into manual test cases, and free up your team to focus on high-level tasks that add more value to your development process.

Unlock the power of AI for your business

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While our platform does have visual testing modules, its purpose, and vision have always been to bridge the gap between the quality engineering field and cutting-edge enterprise-ready AI. As a result, and with the huge boom around LLMs (Large Language Models), we are leveraging those models to expand our platform’s offering and address other quality assurance tasks that can be simplified by AI. This is just a step towards continuing to provide more AI-Powered concrete solutions to the Quality Engineering field.

The functionalities added in MagnifAI 5.0 are a perfect complement to MagnifAI’s visual testing solution and can accelerate the way of writing test cases that use its computer vision models as well as now even more use cases (ie: functional test cases, back-end cases and more!). We believe these new functionalities are both a great complement for increasing visual testing coverage as well as being an overall AI-Companion for anyone involved in software quality activities.

MagnifAI will include these new Gen-AI functionalities as part of our team-level subscription for any MagnifAI client with no limits for transactions. Our Visual Testing capabilities will continue to have the same pricing structure as of today. Want to know more or book a demo? Reach out at

MagnifAI can be hosted either using Globant’s SAAS or using our customer’s own infrastructure, where we deploy MagnifAI to be accessed within those environments. For our newer Generative AI capabilities we leverage OpenAI’s APIs, please review Open AI API & Data Usage Policies for specifics around data usage and retention policies.