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MagnifAI for
E-commerce & retail

In the fast paced e-commerce world, every transaction matters. Leverage MagnifAI’s AI capabilities to test mobile apps, websites, and online catalogs, boosting product quality for unbeatable customer satisfaction.

How we can help you

Elevate your E-commerce products with AI-powered software testing.

Thrive amidst
high traffic

High traffic is good for business, but it can be tough on your digital platforms. With MagnifAI, we help you ensure your products offer a top-notch visual experience, even during peak demand.

Achieve consistency
across devices

We test every little detail to ensure visual consistency across all interfaces, helping you deliver a high-quality visual experience on any device your customers use


Conversion-driven testing From buttons and menus for payments to shopping carts and product information carousels, we ensure every element works correctly to help you achieve your conversion goals.

E-commerce & retail
quality assurance

Smarter testing

Experience smarter testing by unlocking comprehensive test cases powered by advanced AI algorithms. Maximize coverage, minimize time.

Effortless integration

Integrate our solution into your development ecosystem, including CI/CD, version control systems, and test management tools.

Platform agnostic

Our solution works across diverse devices and app formats, offering a versatile approach to software testing of media digital products.

Plug, play, and test

Easily integrate our solution with your existing automation framework via API calls. We're here to meet your team where they are.

Deployment your way

Whether you prefer cloud or on-premise, choose the deployment option that best suits your needs, all while ensuring top-tier security.

Faster error detection

With our shift-left approach, detect errors early in the development process. Deploy with confidence thanks to real-time feedback.

the MagnifAI advantage
for E-commerce & retail