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MagnifAI for
media & entertainment

With MagnifAI’s AI-powered automation, focus on your business’s creative aspects while we handle quality assurance. From validating mobile apps and websites to testing sliders and dynamic content, we’ve got you covered.

How we can help you

Elevate your media and entertainment digital products with AI-powered software testing.

Deliver quality
across all platforms

Ensure uninterrupted entertainment for your users, no matter their preferred device, with comprehensive testing across multiple OS versions.

Expand your
market reach

Validate that your digital products seamlessly adapt to various languages and geographies, and offer your users a high-quality experience, no matter where they are.

Engage users through
dynamic content

Test your dynamic content, including sliders, carousels, and game components, to deliver an engaging and immersive experience.

media & entertainment
quality assurance

Smarter testing

Experience smarter testing by unlocking comprehensive test cases powered by advanced AI algorithms. Maximize coverage, minimize time.

Effortless integration

Integrate our solution into your development ecosystem, including CI/CD, version control systems, and test management tools.

Platform agnostic

Our solution works across diverse devices and app formats, offering a versatile approach to software testing of media digital products.

Plug, play, and test

Easily integrate our solution with your existing automation framework via API calls. We're here to meet your team where they are.

Deployment your way

Whether you prefer cloud or on-premise, choose the deployment option that best suits your needs, all while ensuring top-tier security.

Faster error detection

With our shift-left approach, detect errors early in the development process. Deploy with confidence thanks to real-time feedback.

Elevating quality assurance
in the entertainment industry

“With MagnifAI, we can detect visual errors automatically. Now our directors, testers, and product teams can focus on fixing more important problems than validating minor changes in a banner.”

Santiago Hernández, Tech Director, Globant

the MagnifAI advantage
for media and entertainment